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  • This is in the orange section of the folder.
  • It is used by all disciplines
  • Documentation is chronological, not in separate discipline sections
  • This section is for every entry after the initial assessment, up to & including day 5
  • It is wise to skim through the red initial assessment section on the first occasion you write here, to see the other disciplines' assessments; these may affect your management plans.

The Acute 5 Day Plan commences on page 21 of the pathway.

  • The matrix on page 21 is for all disciplines, and is information only. You write nothing here.
  • The matrix is a reminder for the different aspects of the patient's care each day.
  • The care is recorded on the subsequent pages, one day to a page, so Day1 is on page 22, Day 2 is on page 23 etc. up to Day 5 on p.26.
  • The page for each day is divided into sections, for each discipline to record the actions completed.
  • There is space for variance records at the bottom of each day's page
  • At the end of the 5th day, documentation continues in this orange section for all disciplines but nursing.

For nursing post 5-day plan click here: Nursing Post 5-days

For medical, physio, OT, Speech & Dietetics post 5-day plan click here:Other post 5-days

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