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Please follow this page, using a copy of the red Stroke Care Pathway folder.

For all except nursing staff (who have a green section to themselves, due to the very large amount of care and documentation involved in nursing stroke patients) the post 5-day record is kept in two ways:

  • Day to day care is recorded in the orange section, following on from the structured notes of the acute 5-day plan.
  • Notes from day 6 are recorded as free text, on the 'Multidisciplinary report' sheets which start at page 27.
  • Each profession should record their code in the margin at the beginning of their entry in the notes.
  • The record should continue to give a chronological, multidisciplinary account of the patient's progress.
  • In addition to these day-to-day notes, a weekly summary and goal-setting is recorded at the multidisciplinary meeting. This is recorded , also by each profession, in the yellow section of the notes on the sheet marked 'Goal Planning Summary'
  • Both these sections are maintained, the orange daily and the yellow weekly, until the patient is discharged.
  • It is important to keep an eye on the green section even if you are not a nurse, because nursing issues will impact on the delivery of treatment by all disciplines.

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